Gavs Golf Tactic

Gavs Golf Tactic

What’s the real reason behind Tiger’s Woods incredible golfing success?  

Why is Tiger Woods so good at golf?  

Is it his genes, the hundreds of hours of practice or something much simpler?  

Well, the reason why Tiger has been so successful is because he has a body for golf.  

You see, in the old days the only fitness training Golfers did was walking between tees.  

Instead, Tiger spent time in the gym, building his strength, which gave him the ability to hit explosive cannon ball shots.  

And that’s the truth about modern golfing.  

The reason why today’s golf pros are able to achieve such incredible results is because they use fitness and nutrition programs designed specifically for the game of golf.  

Even “Senior” pros like Gary Player are doing this.  

(Which is why he can still hit those long and straight drives and win championships, even at 80!)  

You can do the same.  

You see, there’s a women out in California.  

Her name is Susan Hill and she’s a nationally certified golf fitness expert, flexibility trainer and sports nutritionist.  

Not only that, she’s appeared in golf illustrated, written 8 best-selling books about golf and regularly consults with top college teams including UCLA.  

(So I think it’s safe to say she knows a little bit about golf performance.)  

And according to Susan, top golfers know they cannot reach their potential alone.  

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands on taking lessons from the “Local Pro”.  

And you DON’T have to buy every single golf product that come son the market.  

Nope, the fastest way to improve your skills is with one of these fitness and nutrition programs.  

Susan can help you with this.  

In her new book “Body for Golf” she shares a 6 week program that gives you everything you need to play an exceptional game of golf.  

Her advice can increase your drive distance by at least 15 to 20 yards or more, dramatically lower your golf score and give you the edge to beat younger more skilled golfers.  

Here program consists of just a few easy steps:  

First, you work on your core, which is where the power behind your swing comes from.  

Then she focuses on your shoulders, hips and spine.  

You’ll learn how to properly rotate your shoulders, and properly position your backswing for maximum follow through.  

Then it’s time to fix your posture.  

(99% of golfers have bad posture and this wreaks havoc on your swing.)  

You’ll also learn how to eat correctly and which types of exercise which could actually be hindering your game.  

Follow her complete plan and in just 6 weeks you’ll be playing the best golf of your life and have a the body of your dreams.  

When Susan consults with PGA tour professionals they pay her as much as $1,000 a day but for the next 48 hours you get access to her expertise for just $37.  

Well over 110,000 golfers have used this program.  

Go here now and see what they have to say about it and learn more about body for golf.                   

Gavs Golf Tactic

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